Monday, August 31, 2009

Special Assignment #5!

Today we have a special Assignment to share with you!

Hope you'll try this fun sketch and post a link to your creation in the CY "Comments" section so that we can all visit your blog and say hi!

On we go- let's get to our Special Assignment Sketch!

Special Assignment Sketch #5

Sketch created by CY Designer Ali MacDonald

This gorgeous bookmark was created by CY-Designer Andi Dickson, who embellished it with patterned paper, flowers and rich green ribbon.

CY- Designer Robin Gibson embellished her bookmark with gently distressed elements, a swirly metal clip and a monogram.

CY-Designer Misty Miller used a soft , brown and turquoise colour combination on her creation. The bookmark boasts a key, a poem, and a tiny bird!

Remember that we are ALWAYs on the lookout for talent to feature on our site!
Check out the guidelines on

On September 1st I have a very exciting dual announcement for our readers. Be ready for some fun news for the month of September!! !

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Sketch #58 LO...

has been posted in the Sketch #58 post, just below this one. Thanks! :O) -Ali

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sketch #58... A Gem from Noella!

Hi Everyone! Here we are almost at the END of August.... GOODNESS!!!! I just took one of my little boys-- Daniel, age 9-- to Pony Camp for a 1/2 day. His big sister is one of the junior leaders... They're going to have fun! He's in a group with a couple of other little fellas interested in horses and riding. Of course the highlight of the morning will be a riding lesson with our coach! It's raining but the rest of the week is going to be nice. I can almost hear the ponies trotting in the sunshine...!

On to our beautiful Sketch for this week.

Noella Arsenault, whose sketches never disappoint, has created a beautiful Layout "guide" for us here today.
Thanks Noella!
Sketch #58

Sketch #58 created by CY's founder and first-ever Sketch Artist: Noella Arsenault!

#1~ CY-Design Team Member Rita Barakat is fresh from a road trip and musical tour with a group of young singers from her church! She sent us this LO showing the value of a loving caregiver.

Thanks Rita! ... (Welcome home!) The mauve, white and shades of purple are gorgeous on this layout! And... That font ROCKS!

#2~ CY- Design Team Member and teacher Misty Miller has gone back to school, but it hasn't deterred her from creating gems like this one!

have beautiful handwriting, BTW!

It's a real "time-capsule" layout! I love taking the yearly back-to-school photos of my kiddos...Thank You Misty: This is a great reminder to have batteries in the camera!! ;) You did a great job!

#3~ CY-Design Team Member Andi Dickson has created a layout that captures her son's expressions perfectly! A "Superstar" indeed!

Have to tell you that I just love the striped/dotted effect of that patterned paper Andi! Great stuff! How did you know that I also love rick-rack and stars!??

#4~ CY-Design Team Member Ann Seleshanko has created a page showcasing a hike her son took.

Ann, I enjoyed seeing how you were also able to showcase several popular motifs in your work: a butterfly, the trees & the tiny bird!

And hey! I see STRIPES! Love 'em! ;)

#5~ CY-Design Team Member Robin Gibson created a fun LO about one of her critters!

As an animal-lover, and Mommy to 4 fur-babies, I can totally relate to this!

GREAT job Robin!

A Little Update: We have only had ONE person express an interest in our "Guest Designer" and "Creative Guest" positions at CY. Please tell all your scrappin' buddies to pop by and see if this may be a good fit for them!

[There will also be a DT call going out soon!!]

Remember that participation via doing LOs or projects with CY sketches, commenting and being a "Follower" of CY is important in order to be considered for ANY position. You can send me a note at if you feel that you'd like to more "formally" express an interest, but this is not required. I will easily know you're interested, if I see you commenting here, and CY-Sketch ss interpretation[s] on YOUR blog! I will be sure to visit, so leave me a link.

Please re-read this post for the guidelines and follow them.

I'm so excited that you're interested in applying for a position with CY!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome!! Check this link!

Here's some very important information for everyone following our blog!

Tell a friend~ They can be featured as well!

Remember, we look for participation via sketch interpretations, commenting and following. Love to see you ALL!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Special Assignment [A] #4: "THANK YOU!"

A quick question!

Are you a follower of Creatively Yours?

Please accept our invitation to become a follower. You will then conveniently receive the "latest and greatest" in the form of updates and new sketches as they are posted.

We'd love for you to join us on this creative journey!

To sign up as a follower, just click on the "Followers" area over on the right of this page and follow the instructions you'll see. It's SUPER-EASY! Be sure to tell a friend or two about Creatively Yours, too. A big "Thanks!"

Now onward we go. Let's check out this week's sketch and interpretations!

Who doesn't need a good-sized stash of THANK YOU cards?

I know I sure do!

So many people in our lives deserve a big warm "THANK YOU!"

What a day brightener that can be for someone-- a simple THANKS!

Who can you think of who is deserving of a warm thanks? Why not use this sketch and the inspiration you see here from the CY-DT and create something beautiful? Go ahead and send it to that person!

Remember to leave us a link so that we can come and see your work!

(More on that below!)

A "Thank you" card sketch created by CY Sketch Artist & Designer Ali MacDonald

The Sketches:Creatively Yours Design Team has created some special cards for you this week! Sit back and enjoy.

THEN: Get creating!!

CY-Design Team Member Ann Seleshanko has created a gorgeous Thank You card!

I really admire Ann's use of luscious patterned papers!

CY-Design Team Member Andi Dickson created an exceptionally pretty card using lots of sparkly swirls!

What a beautiful combination of flowers and lacy edge, Andi!

CY-Design Team Member Rita Barakat created this extra special card of encouragement for us this week. The extra transit time it spent in cyberspace did nothing to dull its' beauty!

Rita, this is such an excellent way to reach out to someone in need of a "helpful hand." Thanks for sharing!

Be sure to share your creations with us- leave us a comment with a link and we will visit your blog or Gallery!

Check Scrapbook Calls for more information on becoming a "Creative Guest" or a "Guest Designer" at Sketches: Creatively Yours.

We want to feature YOU!

Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sketch #57: REVISITED!

Our August Guest Designer Angie Redhead (owner/editor of ScrapScene) has crafted Sketch #57 into a LO in a very unusual and creative manner.
Here is Sketch #57 again, from the talents of CY's founding Sketch Artist:
Sketch #57; by CY Designer & Sketch Artist Noella Arsenault

Our Guest, Angie, was wonderful about describing the process involved in her eclectic creation:

"I used this sketch and made a rectangular shaped layout from a piece of felt as the base. There is a combination of fabric, felt and paper used in this layout. The butterfly has stuffing in it to make it more 3 dimensional. The title was traced onto unbleached cotton, cut out and embroidered. The letters were then tacked onto the layout with a needle and thread. I considered sewing the felt base onto a paper backing to make it more stiff, but decided against that for now as it is supported enough within the plastic sleeves of my scrapbook album."

(I think Angie ought to be teaching, what about YOU?)

On we go with a few photos-- so we can further explore Angie's Sketch #57 creation:

Sketches: Creatively Yours Guest Designer Angie's multi-media layout.

Close-up photo of "puffed-up" (stuffed) & embroidered bow embellishment.

Close-up of twill ruching and placement of hand-embroidered title lettering on layout, including the wooden button as centre of the letter "o."

Close-up of letter "g" & circular fabric embellishment that has been blanket-stitched all the way 'round.

Don't you just love the apple green stitching and all the beautiful, touchableTEXTURE in Angie's project? I love how she put her own spin on Noella's Sketch using different media.

Thank You Angie for sending us this beautiful creation to share with all of the CY Design Team members and our readers.

Awesome Job!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sketch #57

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. I am excited to reveal another of Noella's beautiful Sketches today.

Here you go:

Sketch #57 by Noella Arsenault, CY's founding Designer and Sketch Artist.

Below are SIX gorgeous layouts by some of our "Sketches: Creatively Yours" Design Team Members.

Thanks gals, as always, for your uniquely beautiful work.

A layout by "Sketches: Creatively Yours" Design Team Member (& Mom) Andi Dickson expresses the wonders of chubby, kissable baby cheeks!

"Sketches: Creatively Yours" Design Team Member (& Mom) Rita Barakat expresses the joy she has experienced in treasuring her daughter, "Baby Girl..."

"Sketches: Creatively Yours" Design Team Member Ann Seleshanko revels in the "together" adventures that every day of her marriage has brought.

"Sketches: Creatively Yours" Designer Misty Miller tells the tale of her twin sons' school baking projects in THEIR OWN words: kitchen situations that many Moms of school-ages kids can relate to!

"Sketches: Creatively Yours" Designer Ali MacDonald created a page that showcases the scenery at a campsite on Prince Edward Island (Aug-Sept 2006). Her family of 6 was enjoying their first-ever vacation together!

"Sketches: Creatively Yours" Designer Robin Gibson created a page that has a real vintage, family feel! After all, Christmas is about families being together to celebrate...

Thanks for checking out the amazing layouts and our brand new sketch today: I am sure Noella will be thrilled with these interpretation of Sketch #57!

We would love to see any layouts you create with this sketch! I'll feature them next week if you post a link in the comments section. Have a good week everyone!!

A New Beginning...

I am sad to be going on without Noella at the helm of Creatively Yours, but I am so happy for her in her new creative venture! She is actually the creator of the Sketch we are featuring tomorrow, which is something to look forward to.

I am the kind of person who wants to look at things in a positive way, and so I wanted to mark the new start with a little something special. To reflect the change here at CY, I have made a SLIGHT name change.

"Creatively Yours: Sketches by Noella and Ali" is now Sketches: Creatively Yours. One of the first things I did when contemplating this change was to contact my friend Vivi Rahman to ask her if she would be so kind as to create a new blog header for me.

And, she did! Look above- isn't that GORGEOUS!?

I asked some very creative friends about my choices, as Vivi had made me THREE new headers! My friends were kind enough to almost unanimously choose the header you see so beautifully featured above!! LOL

THANK YOU, Vivi, for sharing this creation with us. What a blessing it is to know you. The beautiful header will have me thinking of you each and every day! What a lovely reminder of a friend.

Vivi will be our Guest Designer in September, and you are going to be able to see more of her work.

Have a wonderful day everyone! Tomorrow we unveil a sketch that Noella created for us, and we'll enjoy work from several of our Design Team Members!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Farewell, Goodbye, Au revoir!

As you may have noticed, I've been staying in the background at CY for the last little while. It's for a rather exciting reason! I have started my own handbag, tote, etc sewing business called "No No’s Sew Hip Creations." I have been asked by a local market to sell my bags and I am doing very well. The responses to my designs and colors are amazing, which is what I had hoped for. This new venture has been a dream of mine for a very long time. Now it is my passion. I have learned much from scrapbooking in the past 7 years in terms of design principles, color coordination, the value of sketching etc.. All of these are critical elements of designing and creating a bag/tote. So, the time has come to pass the Creatively Yours torch to my dear friend and partner Ali so I can focus all my energy on my business, family and friends. I will however still be a frequent Guest Designer (that is if Ali will have me, LOL). I offered the Creatively Yours Sketch Blog to my dear friend/partner Ali because she has so much talent in sketching, writing and much more. And she graciously accepted. I know CY will be in good hands with Ali. I will miss all your wonderful comments and beautiful work. Thank you for making my sketches look good with all of your wonderful interpretations. I wish the best for all of you and I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful interpretations of Ali's wonderful sketches.

Your friend and CY Sketch Artist

Noella :o)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Special Assignment!! Sketch S/A [A] #3

Today I have a Tag Sketch to share with you all!
We have beautiful interpretations from our Design Team, and just WAIT 'til you see them!

Sketch S/A [A] #3

Tag Sketch created by CY Designer, PR Director & DT coordinator Ali MacDonald

Tag created by CY Design Team Member Ann Seleshanko

Ann has created for us a beautiful tag embellished with a rich brown ribbon and a "POP!" of pinky-red from brads that became the inside of the flowers! With machine stitching and white pen work, how better to say "Thank You!?"

TIP: Placing this tag on a wrapped bouquet of flowers and watching the smile appear as your recipient reads your handmade, classy message of thanks... Wow! It packs a lot of punch. WTG Ann, it's a stunner!

Tag created by CY-Design Team Member Robin Gibson

Wishing a friend "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" couldn't be done better than with a tag depicting a yummy-licious sundae! That rick-rack, heart and scallops are to die for, Robin! GREAT job! Tie this tag to a filled gift bag, and AWAY you go to the party!

TIP: Another suggestion is to tie a tag like this to a Treat Bag at the end of a child's birthday party. In the treat bag, be sure there are a few goodies, a coupon for a free ice cream cone [pre-arranged with the local ice cream shop] and a "Thank You for coming to my Party" written on the tag by the birthday child!

Tag created by CY-Design Team Member Rita Barakat
With its music notes, mini-prints and tiny bows, this "Live" tag lends itself extremely well to musically-inclined gift recipients! The flourish certainly is eye catching as is the turquoise detail!
Well done as always, Rita!
TIP: Use a tag such as Rita's to embellish a gift of "live concert" tickets or an invitation to a musical event at church or school!

Additionally, it could be used on a small houseplant or set of floral bulbs for the garden to remind someone that you're thinking of them.

Tag "pocket" created by August CY Guest Designer Angie Redhead

Here' what Angie told me about her rendition of this week's Tag Sketch:

"I made a tag out of fabric and embroidery and then made a tiny apron for my daughter around it. The tag ended up being a pocket. There is a layer of felt sandwiched between two layers of fabric for the tag pocket. The top scalloped portion also has stuffing inside to make it more 3 dimensional. The flower was cut out from a printed fabric. It has stuffing inside and then sewn around the edges. The leaves are embroidered on. I was too lazy to get my sewing machine out, so this project was all made by hand. I left the edges raw as I love that look!"

Above: Tiny apron Angie made to showcase the "Tag Pocket" she created.

Below: Closeup of flower from apron.

Photos of darling Eireann in her tiny apron, made by Mommy (and August CY Guest Designer--) Angie Redhead.

Eireann was wearing her apron the next day as well and tucked her little harmonica into the "tag pocket!" How adorable!

That's it for this week, everyone!

I feel so privileged to have such a talented team of Creatively Yours Designers to interpret this Tag Sketch, and to haveGuest Designer Angie with us this month!

TY ALL for sharing your talents with us!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thank You!

July has now passed and I want to thank our uber-talented July Guest Designer, Jenifer Cowles, for sharing her inspiration with us here at Creatively Yours over the past month.
Jenifer, it is always a pleasure to work with you, and to see your excellent and scrap-lift-worthy layouts and cards!

Thank you so much for being here at Creatively Yours!

~Welcome to our August Guest Designer!~

I have been "'fit to burst" with excitement for a couple of months now, since arranging our August Guest Designer here at Creatively Yours !

It is with great pleasure that I bring to you the news that ANGIE REDHEAD, editor and creator of Scrapscene, is our fabulous Guest Designer here at CY this month.

Angie is a mom and a writer, in addition to crafter, creator and designer... she was kind enough to share her bio and some of her fave projects with us!

Angie and darling baby Eireann

My name is Angie Redhead and I am a craft-a-holic! I am interested in all things crafty especially paper crafting, sewing, and all things vintage. I also like to make miniature food items and embellishments out of polymer clay, work in my art journal and on other mixed media projects, and play with my Print Gocco.

More recent crafty adventures have been in crochet, embroidery, making my own stamps and designing paper. My love for creating has been inspired by the life-long influence of my Mom, a very talented seamstress and designer. I went to school for Fine Art and Advertising Design and later had my own mural painting business.

After a bit of time spent in the 'real' work force, I am now a SAHM to 2 little ones and wife to 1! We live on a houseboat on Lake Ontario. Please check out my current day job running

Angie tells me that her work has been published in Ready Set Create, Simply Sentiments, Correspondence Art, Create & Decorate, and "ScrapScene, of course!"

Angie's Gallery can be seen here.

With regard to some of her favourite projects, we are in for a treat. Let's begin a brand new month-- August-- full of inspiration!

Feast your eyes on these beauties created by Angie Redhead, our Creatively Yours August Guest Designer!!

Art Journal Cover: made by altering an old children's book

Close-up view of Angie's Art Journal

Cards that Angie embellished with handmade polymer clay details

These hearts are brooches that Angie made from fabric w/ embroidery & Maya Road trim

Angie's Mini Books - the one in front has a cover that is made from polymer clay

Angie created this miniature apple pie prep board made from polymer clay

Angie's embroidered sampler is a work in progress. It includes a rubber stamp from Red Lead PaperWorks and some Maya Road trim, with lots of vintage finds sewn in!

Angie we are looking forward to working with you this month and seeing the inspiring things you'll bring to Creatively Yours!

I have just surprised the CY Design Team so I know they will be hopping up and down with excitement!

Gotcha girls!!!!