Monday, November 30, 2009

November is ending...

November is ending... and with month's end, we must say goodbye, "THANK YOU" and "COME BY S:CY and PLAY OFTEN" to...

... our November Guest Designer, Maggi H.!

Maggi, you did a fabulous job here as a Guest Designer and we appreciate your artistry so much! Congrats on your successful application to the Design Team at Pages in Time! That is just SO exciting!

Here is my favourite November LO from Maggi:
"A Blank Canvas" created with Sketch #27

Sketch #27 created by Ali MacDonald for S:CY


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sketch #28: A Bookmark

Sketch #28 Created by "Sketches: Creatively Yours" Team Leader Ali MacDonald

Bookmark created by "Sketches: Creatively Yours" Designer Pam Sandy

Pam, I love the colours and the flowers you used on your bookmark! And-- that is the perfect quote!

Bookmark Collection by Sketches: Creatively Yours Designer Helen Hollinger: gifts for her Book Club friends!

Close-up of Helen's favourite bookmark

"Sketches: Creatively Yours" Designer Irit Shalom created this bookmark as her interpretation of Sketch #28

Irit, I adore the vintage, feminine look and "feel" of this gorgeous bookmark! Way to go!

This bookmark was created by "Sketches: Creatively Yours" Design Team Member Misty Miller, as her interpretation of Sketch #28.

Misty, (AKA Snowlady), this bookmark is a precious and perfect creation for someone with for your screen name!

Bookmark created by "Sketches: Creatively Yours" Designer Jennifer Cassista

Jennifer, I love the red trim and ruffle you added to your bookmark: gorgeous!

Bookmark created by "Sketches: Creatively Yours" Designer Vivi Rahman

Vivi, I love the dear little mushroom and the owl! Just sweet!

I have a couple more "Sketch B" Design Team interpretations to share with you! Hope you'll gain as much inspiration as I did from these!

Sketch B by Senior Design Team Member Ann Seleshanko

"Sketches: Creatively Yours" Designer Michelle Hodges created this Christmas layout as her interpretation of Sketch B

Michelle, I love the red trim you used on the bottom 1/3 of this layout! What a sweet little girl!

"Sketches: Creatively Yours" Designer Janis Medina created this layout of her little girl as her interpretation of Sketch B.

Janis, I adore the red cardstock you used as a background here! I think that red is my fave colour this week! Great job, and I also adore that owl!

Thank you all for the wonderful job you are doing as Designers here at S:CY! I could not ASK for a better or more talented Design Team! You always make me so proud.

To end this post, I have a special request. A member of our Design Team Family, Helen Hollinger, is away in Alberta right now with her Mom and StepDad. Her StepDad has had bad news and is ill with a recurrence of throat cancer. The family needs your prayers. Helen is an RN, and as an RN myself, I know that she will be working extra hard to advocate for her DSF at the hospital and help her Mom & family as they work through all of this, make decisions and go through any treatments.

They will need extra prayers and good thoughts-- may I ask for them for her and her family, please? I asked her permission to ask you all this and she told me that ALL prayers and good thoughts were much appreciated. Thank You so much.

Helen will be away for a little while- likely at least until the 2nd week of December. Thanks gals...

And get ready for the post on December 1st: We have a very special contest coming!! Be sure to mark your calendars...some wonderful folks are involved and I guarantee it will be a blast! See you here at S:CY!

Friday, November 27, 2009


Just a little tidbit for you... A printable freebie search engine called DigiFree has been posting our sketches recently, and Ann's Sketch below has been picked up today! :)

Here is the post & link:

"Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Blog Printable Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 26 Nov [LA 06:03pm, NY 09:03pm] - 27 Nov [UK 02:03am, OZ 01:03pm])."

We are very fortunate to be featured this way - it has happened quite a few times. It can only help us reach MORE crafters and scrappers by sharing our sketches!

Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

There are LOTSA freebies and fun Sketches!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ann's Sketch B

Our Senior Design Team Member Ann Seleshanko is wearing 2 hats this month! She is also our Guest Sketch Artist here at "Sketches: Creatively Yours" for November!

Below, Ann graces our Blog with another exceptional sketch, Sketch "B"! Thanks Ann!

Layout Sketch "B" designed and drawn by "Sketches: Creatively Yours" November Guest Sketch Artist Ann Seleshanko

"Relax" layout designed and created by Sketches: Creatively Yours Designer Carla Robinson

Love the "water" effect Carla- this peaceful LO makes me LONG for summertime!

"1" layout designed and crafted by "Sketches: Creatively Yours" Designer Sherry Owens

The Fall colours you used are so perfect for these photos, Sherry! And-- the photos you took are adorable!

"Autumn Splendor" designed and created by "Sketches: Creatively Yours" Senior Designer, and Guest Sketch Artist Ann Seleshanko.

Ann, I love seeing the way you interpreted your own sketch! It's detailed and crisp, all at the same time! (That seems perfect for Autumn as well!)

"Sport" layout created by Sketches: Creatively Yours Designer Victoria Warren-Mears

Love the red, black and whitecolour scheme! The buttons really look awesome too!

Thanks everyone for these Sketch interpretations.

You knocked my sox off! (Now my feet are cold! LOL, LOL! j/k)

Remember that if you try this sketch and leave us a link to your work in the Comments section below, we will come say hi and check out your creation. We are always on the lookout for new talent to fulfill the role of Guest Design Team Members!

Chat soon gals! Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sketch #27~ A Layout!

Sketch #27

Created by S:CY Team Leader/Sketch Artist Ali MacDonald

"Spooky Games"

Created by "Sketches: Creatively Yours" Designer Misty Miller

"Moments and Memories"

Created by "Sketches: Creatively Yours" Designer Jennifer Cassista

"Tiny Halloween Cheer"

Created by "Sketches: Creatively Yours" Designer Pam Sandy

"Roswell Adventure"

Created by "Sketches: Creatively Yours" Designer Vivi Rahman

"A Blank Canvas"

Created by "Sketches: Creatively Yours" November 2009 Guest Designer Maggi

Thank you to ALL our wonderful designers this week. We are fortunate to have had your creative input for this Sketch! I love every interpretation! Such variety!
Keep up the wonderful work, ladies!

A quick little note to to our visitors and guests... remember we are always on the lookout for new talent to showcase here at S:CY as Guest Designers!

Please be sure to participate by posting a link to your wonderful creation(s) using this Sketch! Who knows, you may receive an email askign you to participate even more--as an S:CY Guest Designer!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sketch #26 ~ A Card

Sketch #26

Created by S:CY Sketch Artist Ali MacDonald

Happy Holidays card
Created by S:CY Designer Janis Medina

This card pops! From the buttons to the decorative paper edging.

Vintage card
Created by S:CY Designer Irit Shalom

This card is so pretty, the soft colors, the lace, the cameo, all give it a warm vintage feel.

Give Thanks card
Created by S:CY Designer Michelle Hodges

The fall colors are so striking, beautiful!

Thank you card
Created by S:CY Designer Helen Hollinger

The pink wire, beads and flowers are such a nice accent to this card!

Gorgeous work as always ladies. If you do a card based on this sketch please remember to link it to this post so we can see you interpretation and visit your blog. Have a great evening everyone!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Need something you can create FAST!?? Something that can help you feel a little "crafty"?
(like a crafter, not a fox, Silly!) Budgeting your time?
Why not try this card sketch created by our Guest Sketch Artist, Ann Seleshanko? Simple or more complex, the card you create with THIS sketch will be a sure-fire winner!

Here's Ann's Card Sketch, be sure you give it a whirl and share the results and a link) with us! We'll be making a visit to your blog or Gallery! Remember we are always on the lookout for NEW talent to act as Guest Designers!!

Sketch by S:CY Senior DT member and Nov Guest Sketch Artist Ann Seleshanko

Birthday Card created by S:CY Designer Sherry Owens

Sherry, I bet your nephew was THRILLED with this FUN card! I really like the navy blue cardstock you used!

Birthday Card created by S:CY Designer Jennifer Cassista

Cupcake Card created by S:CY Designer Jennifer Cassista

Yum, Jennifer, my sweet tooth is a hummin'! What deee-licious cupcakes! LOL The layering rocks, too!

Traditional "Happy Holidays" Santa Card created by S:CY Designer Helen Hollinger

Don't you just LOVE vintage-look cards and Santas? I do!

S:CY Designer Victoria Warren-Mears created a beautiful card to express thankful feelings.

Victoria, what a gorgeous butterfly. I love the font on your sentiment's lettering!

Following where her inspiration led, our November Guest Design Team Member Maggi used a great photo of her Dh to create this LO with Ann's Sketch!

I really like the black title lettering Maggi, and the background pattern!!

We have several more cards coming tonight- plus yet ANOTHER Sketch! Stay tuned! Thanx for popping by!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sketch #25: A Tag

Sketch #25

Created by S:CY Sketch Artist Ali MacDonald

Tag Created by S:CY Designer
Victoria Warren-Mears

Beautiful job Victoria! Love that you used an eyelet.

Tag Created by S:CY Designer Sherry Owens

Stunning tag Sherry! I adore that pink swirl!

Tag Created by S:CY Senior Designer
Ann Seleshanko

Ahhhh, Christmas is near, Ann! Love the snow-buddies!!

Tag Created by S:CY Designer
Carla Robinson

Carla, she is lovely for sure- and I {heart} the earth tones and button on your tag!

Our November Guest Design Team Member Maggi is making us so proud this month.
She created several the following pieces of scrappy-art with Sketch #25...

Here is a tag featuring Sketch #25 & one of her Standard Poodles: "Chili"

Here is Maggi's layout incorporating the tag she created:

Maggi, you are indeed a dog-lover and this LO celebrates it! Great pp's and colours too!

Here are 2 Christmas tags Maggi created with Sketch #25

Makes me excited about the upcoming holiday Season to see these! WTG!

Great job girls... Thanks for all the hard work and dedication to S:CY! Sorry this post is a little late- we have 2 little sickies here who need their Mama!

To our followers and readers, this is a warm invitation to try the sketch... and have fun with it!

Post a link to your sketch in the Comments section and we will come by and visit your blog!

I am always looking for Guest Designers! Participation in the blog via sketch use is a consideration as well. And... Be extra sure to participate so we can see your talent!

Have a wonderfukl week and stay healthy everyone!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Adornit Blog Hop!

Welcome to Sketches: Creatively Yours, your current stop on the Adornit Blog Hop!

I warmly invite you to become a Follower of S:CY so that you never miss a Sketch.

This term we have a large Design Team of 14 and the inspiration has been flowing, let me tell you! "The more the merrier" as they say! So, please do consider beconming a Follower.

Several members of the "Sketches: Creatively Yours" Design Team have created some special Christmas, holiday and winter themed items to share with you today as you Hop in to say hello on our Blog.

We welcome you!!

Card created by S:CY Designer Pam Sandy

This card incorporates a hidden, incredibly delicious Sugar Cookie recipe. Pam said: "I think I will do some of these as gifts for our neighbors, and include a package of the sugar cookies."
Isn't this an attractive and amazing card? Thanks Pam!

Here is the recipe for Pam's Sugar Cookies!

Rolled Sugar Cookies

(this recipe can be halved)\

Oven 400 degrees

Mix well: 1 ½ cups butter or margarine (butter works best)
2 cups white sugar
4 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla
Add: 5 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons salt

Refrigerate dough for at least 1 hour. Roll dough out onto floured surface and cut into shapes. Bake at 400 degrees for 6-8 minutes (10 -12 minutes for crunchy sugar cookies). Frost or decorate as desired.

This dough and the baked cookies freeze very well.
Enjoy!!! A friend gave me this recipe about 20+ years ago, it was her great grandma's recipe. It really is delicious, and easy peasy too.
~ Pam

Holiday Card created by Sketches Creatively Yours Designer Janis Medina

Look at the pretty snowflake in the upper right corner... Isn't it the perfect touch?

Thanks Janis!

Ribbon Tree by "Sketches: Creatively Yours" Designer Ann Seleshanko

What a beautiful addition to a holiday table. Traditional red and green ribbon makes this project perfect for Christmas time! Thanks Ann!

A Winter layout created by S:CY Designer Irit Shalom

I bet there is a story behind these photos Irit!
I love how the blue sets off the snow so prettily.

A soft and sweet Winter Card created by S:CY Designer Irit Shalom

I love the snowflake buttons! Just the perfect touch for this delicate card! Thanks Irit, for sharing your creations with us.
And lastly, here is an easy no-fail recipe I use every Christmas Season.
It is my husband's favourite!
Butter Tart Squares

Makes a 9 x 9” pan of squares- I double the recipe and place it in my 9 x 13” glass baking dish. If you double the recipe, cook as directed but allow a couple of extra minutes, watching well.

INGREDIENTS & METHOD for a 9x9 pan of squares:

For BASE of the squares-

Mix together the following til crumbly:

1 ¼ cup flour

¼ cup brown sugar

½ cup margarine

Pat into a 9 X 9” pan that has been sprayed with "Pam."

Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. Do not let it get too brown. Set on wire rack to cool a bit while you mix the topping.


For topping-

1/3 cup margarine, melted

2 T evaporated milk

1 tsp vanilla

1 cup brown sugar

1 beaten egg

1 T flour

1 cup Thompson raisins (These are nice big plump raisins, and my mkids love 'em. Use what you have, though!)

Mix all together in a small bowl. Spread on top of base, which will still be warm.

Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Watch carefully so that it doesn’t get overdone.

Cool on wire rack. Cut squares when cool. Store in airtight container. AWESOME!!!!
That's the end of this stop on your Adornit Blog Hop trip!
If this is your first stop, please go start at the beginning of the hop so you don't miss a single thing!! The link to the beginning is here:

Thank you all for stopping by! Please go visit Danette Hillman at this link: Have a wonderful day!