Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sketch #5-12

Here's a nice "brand-spankin'-new" multi-photo sketch that I had fun drawing for you all. Hope you enjoy it! We'd love to see what you create, so be sure to put a link to your creation into the comments box below so we can go see what you've created!

Here is Sketch #5-12, just for YOU! 
Sketch #5-12 created by
S: CY Team Leader Ali MacDonald

Here's a beautiful layout  from our February 2012 Guest Designer, Stephanie Medley-Rath. You can find Stephanie at the Scrapworthy Lives Blog.
"Pretend" layout created by
 S: CY Guest Designer Stephanie Medley-Rath
"Swing by" layout created by
 S: CY Design Team Member

Patchi Moussatche

Just had to share a digital layout from S: CY's friend, and a gal who is also a previous Design Team Member... Tammy Pyette.
"Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa's house" layout 
created by
 friend of S: CY, scrapbooker Tammy Pyette 
"Poros" layout created by
 S: CY Senior Designer

Ann Seleshanko 
"I'm so proud of you!" layout created by
S: CY Team Leader

 Ali MacDonald

 Journaling readsNoah, autism has been a long road. You continue to make progress every week, every day. None of it is really “easy” but you are such a sweet-natured person that it makes the journey less stressful for us all. Not to say we don’t have stress as a family- we do- because we worry about you, wanting to help you the best way that we can. But, as Daddy and I see it, the main thing is that there is ALWAYS progress and that’s the name of the game. We love you and we will always celebrate the little victories. Good going, buddy! Keep up the great work… and thank you for being such a sweetie! Love, Mom
Photo: last day of school~ June 2011
Journaling ~ January 2012 
** We wanted you all to know how much we appreciate your participation in the blog, using the sketches in your scrappy work, commenting, etc...!
** Be sure to check out those who post creations, above, where they have left their links via Mr. Linky. It's super easy! Just "click" and go see what they  made using Sketch #5-12, and share the love of scrappin' when you do!
** Also, our DT members each have wonderful blogs that you can access simply & easily by clicking on the name (their blog link) posted under their LO or by using the sidebar links. We love having you here and we love it when you visit our Design Team's blogs! Enjoy the "deliciousness" you will find! 
** Thanks to our Guest Designer Stephanie Medley-Rath for sharing her beautiful creation with us this week. It was a joy to feature it! Stephanie has some very thought-provoking topics on her Scrapworthy Lives Facebook page... and the great offer of a Scrapworthy Lives ***FREE newsletter*** that you can subscribe to on the Scrapworthy Lives blog. It's wonderful- I  receive it and loved the freebies that came along with it! Be sure to subscribe! Stephanie has also written an e-book all about Market Research as it applies to scrappin'... it's called  The Scrapworthy Lives Guide to Market Research.  See our sidebar for the link. Check it out, you will NOT be disappointed!
** My warm thanks Ann Seleshanko, our Senior Designer here at 
S: CY for the Sketch she created for us this week, and for her lovely travel-based interpretation of it.
** Thanks to loyal friend of S: CY, Tammy Pyette for providing us with a a digital scrappy page using Sketch #5-12.
** Another BIG ((HUG)) of thanks goes out to our current Design Team for creating inspiring things for us to share with you this week.
** See you all soon! Have a super week everyone! :) 


  1. BEAUTIFUL WORK, Stephanie, Patchi, Tammy and Ann. So thankful for the talents each of you brought this week! :) o

  2. Great work again ladies, you never cease to inspire.

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    1. Thanks Cassie, they did a super job, I agree!

  4. Great job ladies! I love your takes on the sketch!!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks!!! I had fun drawing it, too! LOL

    2. Brenshevia, When I visited you on the 12th, I meant to come back here and ALSO add that your LO was a stunner. Thanks again for playing with us!! :) Loved it.

  6. Fabulous sketch!!
    Love the dt take on the sketch!!

  7. So many different takes on this! Awesome! Just linked my version above.

    1. It's gorgeous Julie! TY so much for playing along at S: CY. ALL WELCOME - bring a friend if you like! :)

  8. I just linked mine too! Loved it! :-)

    1. Kelly! You did a superb job! Thanks for playing along and using the S: CY Sketch! Makes it so much more fun! Great having you here.

  9. Thanks for having me. I love seeing everyone's interpretations.

    1. Love having you with us, you will always be a welcome face here. :) TY so much!