Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BONUS Bookmark Sketch #112

Sometimes as a little bonus, we post special sketches. Today, we have a bonus Bookmark Sketch for you! Who can't use a pretty and useful paper-crafted bookmark these days!?

 Bonus Bookmark Sketch #112 created by
 S: CY Team Leader Ali MacDonald

 Personalized bookmarks created by
 friend of S: CY, designer Tammy Pyette
For fun, I also created a couple of samples using this Sketch.
Hope you like! 
"Woodland" bookmark created by
S: CY Team Leader Ali MacDonald
"Happy words" bookmark created by
 Ali MacDonald
Today we are marking a special transition as we wave goodbye to our current S: CY DT, and tomorrow we will be welcoming a brand new Team to the Sketches: Creatively Yours Blog!
A sincere "Thank You" to each member of the current S: CY Team for the care you took in interpreting each Sketch, your timeliness in turning in your work, the sharing of sketches/links to S: CY on your personal Blogs, plus the extra care you showed our readers by sharing the journaling from your pages and your thoughts about the things you created!
Maggi             Patchi              Lindy
Renee             Rita                  Michelle
Jennifer          Heather           Cheryl
Also, a special Thank You goes out to Ann Seleshanko, my right hand gal, who is staying on as S: CY's Senior DT. I want you all to know the wonderful help she provides in terms of designing 2 Sketches per month and in the planning ahead that goes on behind the scenes for this site!! TY Ann. 
Outgoing DT Members...We will not forget your contributions to the Blog. Thank You so much, best wishes in all your scrapbooking and life endeavours: near or far!  Don't be a stranger! We hope  that some of you can come back Guest Design for S: CY  at some point in time! Shoot me an email if that interests you!

~ & Ann

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  1. Thank you Ali & Ann for this wonderful year at SCY! I can't wait to see the next year of sketches and what the new team will be creating!