Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Jackie Plank!

Today our spotlight falls on Jackie Primmer-Plank, who has been a DT Member at Sketches: Creatively Yours since April 2011.

S:CY Design Team Member
Jackie Primmer-Plank
Jackie is also a member of Sisterhood of Scrap Forum and actively participates in multiple aspects of that busy, friendly scrapbooking site.

I asked Jackie to tell me about how she sees her scrapbooking style. She replied "My Scrapbooking style is ever-changing. I go from a cluttered look to a clean look and vice versa. I rarely stay with the one style but am rather all over the place with it."

Jackie kindly shared one of her first-ever scrappy layouts with us here today... she remarked "I am especially attached to this layout as it is one of the first ones I created. I had very few supplies at the time. I used masking tape and paint to get the effect and some foam stamps that I picked up at the dollar store. The post card was one of the first cards I had received from my pen pal in Sweden. I had met her online and I was using the nickname 'Katz.'"  

"Katz" layout created by Jackie Primmer-Plank
Jackie has a GREAT sense of humour as demonstrated in her tale about her cat. I have to share it here, 'cause she really made me HOOT telling me about Missi. (Jackie, I hope it's Ok! LOL)  "I just have the one pet, Missi, my cat. I don’t scrap about her very much because she really doesn’t give me much to scrap about. All she ever does is sits in her daddy’s lap and sleeps... that’s when she isn’t on the arm of my chair waiting for treats (hissing at me in between each treat)." I had to ask Jackie why Missi hisses at her... she answered: "My cat hates me and will only get up with me when I have treats or chicken... then she gets up on the arm of my chair but hisses at me between mouthfuls to remind that she doesn’t like me, LOL." It seems that poor Jackie gets the raw end of the pet deal in her house...  I'll let Jackie finish the story...."Oh she LOVES her daddy, to say the least. She spends her time curled up in his lap.  It is poor me in the wintertime cause then she wants to sleep curled  up under my chin like she used to do when she was a kitten... only problem is that she isn’t a kitten anymore and doesn’t fit there so she ends up sleeping on my face. LOL..." (Thanks for the giggles, Jackie!)

Jackie can also be more serious, as evidenced by a very beautiful layout (below) about her mother's Bible. Jackie says "This layout is special to me because it is about the most precious possession of my mother's. When she died it was the only thing I wanted. I have never been able to write poetry in my life but the poem on this layout just poured from my pen. In the envelope are bits and pieces that she had tucked into her Bible."
"Mother's Bible" layout created by
 Jackie Primmer-Plank
 Jackie told me a little about her favourite scrappin'-subjects! "My favourite subject to scrap would have to be my five grandchildren. They are the light of my life." See below for a layout that Jackie created about one of these special kiddos.

"Spring Cleaning" layout created by
 S:CY Design Team Member Jackie Primmer-Plank
 using Sketch 03-11
Sketch 03-11 created by
 S:CY Team Leader Ali MacDonald

"Summer Fun" mini-album created by
 Jackie Primmer-Plank

[Notes from Jackie: I don’t normally do Mini Albums but a couple of summers ago my grand daughter spent a week camping with us so I made her this little album as a memory for her.]
Jackie told me that if she could only scrap scenery "it would be parks and conservation areas. I have a whole drive full of photos shot in our local parks and trails. We spend our summers walking those trails bird watching. It has to be the most relaxing thing to do." Along the same theme, Jackie told me that the most amazing place she ever visited was "the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls. It was so beautiful and so delightful there. So many butterflies, and they were even landing on us!" Jackie enjoys taking photos of all these beautiful creatures and places, and when I asked about it, she told me that her camera is a Canon Rebel XTI.

Jackie is a self-described animal lover... and says "Horses are tops on my list of favourites. I could spend my life with them."  A peek at her blog reveals MANY beautiful layouts featuring horses, but this one, with a photo of an equine friend named "Rocky," tops my list of personal faves.

"Rocky" layout created by
 Jackie Primmer-Plank
Jackie is a night-owl scrapper who reveals that she scraps best after 11 PM. She also told me that she finds herself returning to the technique of faux stitching again and again. "I seem to use it on almost all of my layouts." She tsaid, too, that she also tends to "ink the edges of everything" on her layouts.

An organized scrapper who says she works best under pressure, I can testify that Jackie is amazing at handling deadlines. Always on time with her work, she has made my job as Team Leader ever so much easier!

On the issue of scrappy time-management, Jackie was able to provide an excellent time-saving tip to share with our S:CY readers. "I have arranged all the tools that I use on a regular basis in a tote and drawer close beside me and I always make sure they are put back as soon as I finish using them, " says Jackie. "Knowing exactly where to put my hands on my tools when I need them as made a big difference when I am scrapping." Again showing her sense of humour, Jackie remarked "... it took me awhile to break DH from helping himself and not replacing them, though."

Jackie told me that she really enjoys using Sketches to kick start her scrapbooking. I asked this prolific scrapbooker to share some of the Sketch sites she likes to check out. She was able to recommend two she enjoys using. One is Let's Capture These Sketches and the other is Sketch Support .

In terms of scrappy tools, Jackie says one of the best gifts she was ever given was from her daughter, who gave her the original Cricut when it first came into being. Says Jackie: "I wore that one out. LOL"

Jackie, a hearty "Thank You" for allowing us a peek into your scrapbooking world. It is one of beauty and fun as is evidenced by your colourful and well- designed scenic, animal, and cherished grandchildren pages! Your work for S:CY this Term has been so valuable in helping us to post a variety of pages that demonstrate balance-- in design, colour usage, love for extended family and in presenting heartfelt journaling. Keep up the beautiful work!

You can check out Jackie's BLOG here. Enjoy!



  1. Great interview! It was nice getting to know you Jackie.

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  3. What a great spotlight! Jackie it has been such a pleasure meeting you!

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    Jackie, I just love that layout about your mom's Bible. I might have to lift that idea!


  6. Loved doing your Spotlight Feature, Jackie! Bravo on the oodles of beautiful work and your excellent work ethic! ~ Ali

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    All your projects are fantastic and your sense of humor a gem.
    Congrats on the spotlight!

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    Thanks for sharing the sketch sites, as I love utilizing sketches as well and it'd great learning of new ones. Enjoy your spotlight position in August.

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