Friday, June 21, 2013

Sketch 9-13

Hello everyone!

Sooooo pleased you bring you a brand new free, fun sketch for your inspiration, and the "takes" of our Guest Designer, Angela Fehr and the Sketches: Creatively Yours Design Team!

Here's the latest Sketch, created just for YOU!

Sketch 9-13 created by
 S: CY Team Leader
Ali MacDonald

The inspiration piece this week is a beautiful photo of a sunset. It was taken from our back deck on a Nova Scotia winter's evening in February.

'NS Sunset'
Inspiration photo
Credit: Kate MacDonald
The challenge this week was to use this gorgeous photo to inspire a layout.
For example, this could promote textural, colour, shape, or topic inspiration, or anything that makes you feel creative.
Please be sure to tell us what you took from the inspiration piece when you post it to your blog and link it below using Mr. Linky. We'll be by to peek and leave you some "loves"!

Here's the beautiful interpretation of our Guest Designer, Angela Fehr!

"Pierced ears" layout
created by S: CY June Guest Designer
 Angela Fehr
And... we're in for a treat today, because Angela was ALSO inspired to create a card using sketch 9-13!

"You are my Happy" card
created by
S: CY June Guest Designer
Angela Fehr
Our Design Team also came up with some great ideas for using this sketch and inspiration piece, so let's keep going!!

"The Karate Kid" layout
created by
 S: CY Design Team Member
 Elisha Pharr
Elisha told me that she took her inspiration "from the beautiful reds, blues, and black in Kate's breathtaking photo. I tied those colors in with my choice of papers and accents on the karate 3-D stickers used on my Layout. This is my Gavin, G-Man, getting his yellow belt in January of this year."

"Will You Guide The Sleigh Next Week?" layout
created by
S: CY Design Team Member
Patchi Moussatche
Patchi told me that she took her inspiration from the winter theme of the photograph. :)

"American Girl Tea" layout
created by
 S: CY Design Team Member
Heather Bridges Topich

"Irish Horizon" layout
created by
S: CY Design Team Member
 Karen Zabuska
Karen said that she was inspired by the horizon and the clouds in the photograph. "Once again, the sketch fit perfectly for a horizon view my son took in Ireland. Those puffy clouds, one of the days it did not rain day.  You can see traces of a storm if you look closely."

"Fun Together" layout
created by
 S: CY Senior Designer
Ann Seleshanko
Ann said her inspiration was the sunset and so she used the colour yellow to underscore this. :)
"Memories of Patrick" layout
created by
S: CY Team Leader
Ali MacDonald

(Journaling by Kate MacDonald)
Journaling readsPatrick, a complete sweetheart, was a Percheron/Thoroughbred cross. Standing 18 hands high, he was the largest horse that many of us at Rohan Wood Stables had ever seen, let alone ridden. He was black in color with three white socks, and had a striking number 1 shaped blaze running down the length of his face. I had the opportunity to ride Patrick when his owners were kind enough to loan him to me for my C1 level Canadian Pony Club Testing, as Grace was not quite ready for that level of technicality. Although he was very lazy while being ridden, he was calm and aimed only to please. Sadly, Patrick passed away from colic at the age of 6, several months after these photos were taken. He was loved by all, and will always be remembered as a gentle giant. 

For my layout, I took the purple-y grey from the clouds in the photo as my inspiration.

Here's Mr. Linky-- You can use him to post your creation so that we can then go see your work and leave you some love. Everyone enjoys that! :)

Today marks the last week for our current Design Team.
Here's the excellent Team we are saying "Thank You" to, today:

Card Sketch Designer/Design Team Member Vikki Whittington

Design Team Member Patchi Moussatche

Design Team  Member Heather Bridges Topich

Design Team Member Elisha Pharr


Design Team Member Karen Zabuska

Thank You all so much for your beautiful work with our sketches (and creating Card Sketches, in Vikki's case!) here on the Blog. It has been appreciated and your creations were much enjoyed!

My thanks to Ann Seleshanko, Senior Designer here at S: CY for her behind-the-scenes work. Despite a 'beyond busy' schedule with a family, plus studying full-time for her education degree, she consistently does a beautiful job of creating layouts to honour what means the most to her. Ann, thanks for being my back-up gal. You're awesome.

Today we also want to thank our June 2013 Guest Designer Angela Fehr!
It has been a  pleasure having a fellow Canadian here with us-- your work is phenomenal and we look forward to working with you again, Angela. Thanks so much for being our Guest Designer!

We appreciate all our readers, and hope you have enjoyed the new sketch format I have been using. The "jury is still out" about what format sketches will take in the coming months, so I welcome your feedback. If you would like to leave private feedback, you can email me at peteali @ eastlink. ca (with  NO SPACES) .

Thank you for popping in to see what's up at Sketches: Creatively Yours. Keep us on your "radar" because there are new things on the horizon!

I'll keep you posted!

Thanks Angela, Thanks Team, and Thanks readers!

Chat soon... I promise!!


  1. Another great set of wonderful layouts. Thanks to everyone for a lovely season of inspiration. Ali & Vikki, your sketches rock. I hope the break is short and SCY will be back to inspire us again soon.

  2. A HUGE Thanks to Angela for Guest Designing this month! Love your awesome work-- your talent helps to inspire so many folks!!
    Thanks Team... you did another week of wonderful work-- and I have appreciated your dedication over the past 4 months. WTG! xox ~Ali

  3. Thanks for allowing me to join the team this month! Have a great summer everyone!