Thursday, January 17, 2013


Closing Date is  February 11, 2013
Scrappers from all over the world are welcome!
NOTE: No previous DT experience is necessary!   
Please read all requirements carefully as you prepare to apply.

How to Apply: 
  • Send a short bio. 
  • Include a link to your Blog.
  • Attach a small picture (headshot) of yourself.
  • Send us one LAYOUT created with S: CY Sketch 1-13 AND one CARD created with archived S: CY Card Sketch 5-12 (both Sketches are below).
Send your creations and information to: as email attachments, NO LARGER than 1 mb each, please.
VERY IMPORTANT~ Please include your name in BOTH files you attach.

 You will receive an emailed note when your application is received.
 (If information is missing, application cannot be accepted.)
*Closing Date is  February 11, 2013 at midnight (AST).
*Successful applicants will be notified by email on Feb 13, at 9 PM (AST). 
*The new S: CY DT will be announced on the Blog on Feb 15, 2013.

S: CY Design Team Members' Basic Responsibilities: 

* An email will be received by DT members very early (1 month before+++) due dates  with sketches and corresponding challenges designated for every second week of the next month. DT interpretations of the Sketches are due back on Wednesdays on "posting week."  Midnight AST is the cutoff time.  

* In months where there are 5 Fridays, there will be also a Card Sketch and corresponding DT interpretations posted.  This means that in some months, DT members will interpret 2 LO Sketches, and in others, 3 Sketches (2 LOs plus one card).   

* I will post the sketch and the matching DT creations on the  S: CY blog on the designated Fridays.  

* It is IMPORTANT  that DT members comment on the work of fellow DT members and Guest Designers when new creations go up on the Blog.

* It is expected that DT Members visit blogs and comment on the work of any participant who provides us with a link to their work.  :)

*Please display our "I Design for" Blinkie on your blog and wherever else permitted. (This will be provided to all DT Members.)

*Schedule a short blurb and a link to S: CY  to go live on YOUR blog  when new Sketches and DT interpretations are put up on the S: CY Blog every second Friday. Please share your creation on your blog at that time.

*Tell others about S: CY and invite visitors to join the site.

By applying to the S: CY DT, you agree that you will fulfill these responsibilities if you are chosen as a DT Member, unless there are extenuating circumstances. :)  

*Term is 4 months: March 1, 2012-  June 30, 2013

(+++ Except for March, where the turn-around time will be shorter. That month, since the DT members will just have been notified of their  positions on Feb 13th,  the sketches will be received just 2 weeks before the first March interpretation "due date" rather than 4 weeks before. Four weeks' turn around time will be the norm, though!)

  • You'll receive a "Proud Designer for..." blinkie to display.
  • Your work and your Blog link will receive excellent exposure on our beautiful Sketch Blog  every time we do our posts. 
  • You will be listed on the sidebar of the Blog as a DT Member. A link to your Blog will be included. 
  • We often host interesting & talented Guest Designers. Having your work featured alongside theirs will be a positive experience. 
  • You'll have convenient access to a private DT-only Blog site where communication with the Design Team will take place. 
  • I'll provide you with a well-written letter of reference should you ever need one about your time as a DT Member at S: CY. There is no time limit to this benefit, and I will do it as many times as requested.  No problem! 
Since we are not affiliated with a store we cannot send out kits or other incentives to our Designers. Design Team Members are not eligible for monthly prizes. 
Questions? Please feel free to contact Ali MacDonald,

S: CY Sketch 1-13
by Team Leader Ali MacDonald
Design Team  Application 

Archived S: CY Card Sketch 5-11
 by Senior Designer Ann Seleshanko
 Design Team Application
What will YOU come up with?? 

Thanks for visiting our friendly Sketch Blog, and applying for our Design Team.

We look forward to seeing your submission! 

IMPORTANT... **Please remember to read ALL requirements & DT application instructions carefully.** 



  1. I'm so glad S:CY will be back to inspire our creativity!

  2. Great sketches! Looking forward to seeing the new team and the great challenges!!!

    1. Thank Julie!!!!! Very excited to have a call out!

  3. Glad to see you are back. In amongst my hectically busy schedule I will see if I can get an application in. I enjoyed my time on this team a few years back.

  4. Hi, I have a question...can the sketches be done digitally?

    1. Hi Scrappin Robin, good question. Yes, you may interpret the LO sketch digitally if you wish, but the card sketch must be done as a traditional paper card. Thanks for asking. :) ~ Ali

    2. Thank you Ali, for getting back to me so quickly. And I will get my projects together.