Friday, March 9, 2012

Sketch #8-12

Hello everyone, welcome back to S: CY! So glad you're here!
Here's a new sketch you can use to feature a single large, or several smaller pics. There are linear elements and space for use of a 'journaling spot' or shaped embellie.  Enjoy using  your creativity to make something beautiful. Be sure to upload your creation to Mr. Linky (at the end of this blog post) so that we can go see your work and leave some luvs! :) Please leave us a note in the "Comments" section of the blog so we know you've popped by!! 

 Sketch #8-12 created by
 S: CY Team Leader Ali MacDonald
Our first layout this week using Sketch #8-12 comes from our Guest Designer, Jennifer Wilson of Simple Scrapper

"Hope Lives Here" layout created by
 S: CY March Guest Designer Jennifer Wilson

[Credits: Olive Tree kit by Sara Gleason] 

"Happy Birthday" layout created by
: CY Design Team Member Cassie Wiscarson
"Wondering" layout created by
S: CY Design Team Member
 Julie LaKose
[Julie notes that the j
ournaling strips feature lyrics from "Wonderin'" by TobyMac.]

"Ball Pit" layout created by
S: CY Design Team Member Tammy Pyette
[Tammy notes that the font for the title is a free one from

 called "Disney." She made the background and elements in Photoshop.]

"Motherhood" layout created by
 S: CY Design Team Member Yati Dali 
"Beautiful Time" layout created by
 S: CY Design Team Member Kelly Smith
"Someone Special" layout created by
 S: CY Design Team Member  Elisha Pharr
"Winter 2010" layout created by
 S: CY Senior Designer Ann Seleshanko 
"This boy sayz..." layout created by
 S: CY Team Leader Ali MacDonald
Today our Guest Designer Jennifer Wilson of Simple Scrapper, has something very special to share with us. Jennifer, who is an organizational whiz, says that she understands time crunches. Speaking to her readers, Jennifer adds that "there are never enough hours in the day. I bet you are a lot like me and you LOVE to find ways to save time!" 
Here is some wisdom from Jennifer on this very topic!
 "Top Ten tips for Saving Time & Being Organized"

1. Do one thing at a time - You are far more effective if you stop
trying to multi-task. Close everything else and focus!

2. Make a list - I often forget what I'm supposed to do if I don't
write it down. Eliminate trying to remember that one little thing
by keeping a pen and paper handy.

3. Cheat the system - You don't have to do everything from scratch.
Use shortcuts, recipes, templates and ready-to-go packets to get
going faster.

4. Say no more - It's natural to want to make everyone happy, but
it's just not possible. Learn how to define boundaries that work
for you.

5. Respect your own time - Set limits for yourself and actually
stick to them. Make appointments with yourself and show up. Honor
the true value of time.

6. Be present - Once you stop multi-tasking, you will find yourself
being even more deliberate and aware of time-wasters. Show up and
just get things done.

7.  Do the hard stuff first - Stop puttering around tinkering and
procrastinating. Dig in to that big project to enjoy the momentum
that comes from real accomplishment.

8. Divide and delegate - You don't have to do everything yourself.
Find the time you need by having others help with your list.

9. Let technology help - I'm all for tradition, but don't forget
that modern tools can really help make your life easier.

10. Have fun - Time enjoyed is time well spent. Really appreciate
the time you squeeze out to serve as a reminder to stop messing
around with the less-fun stuff.

Did you enjoy these tips? I hope they resonated with you as much as they did me. Jennifer wants to extend to each S: CY reader an invitation to sign up for email updates from Simple Scrapper. You'll receive, FREE, more tips just like these, on topics that will be useful and creatively-inspiring for you. You can sign up today right HERE.
Thanks Jennifer for your LO and ideas this week. They make being organized MUCH more attainable. 
Hope everyone has been having a GREAT week and we'll see lots of creations using Sketch #8-12. Remember to use Mr. Linky if you try the sketch. Leave us a link to your creation and be sure to make a quick comment in the "Comments" section so that we know you popped by.

See you all next week!   



  1. Again, I am amazed at how differently everyone used the sketch yet all have fantastic results. Great job, ladies!

    Thanks for the tips, Jennifer! #7 is definitely one I need to work on!

  2. Thanks gals for the fantastic LOs.
    Jennifer, I loved your creation AND those tips! Numbers 1 and 6 are my challenges. :) Thx so much. GREAT job gals! Makes me feel great to see how you all used the Sketch! ~ Ali

  3. Wow! What beautiful layouts! I love what the design team has created with this sketch!

    Thanks for the great tips Jennifer! It is hard to pick a favorite!

    1. Everyone has done so an awesome job with this week's sketch!!!
      So glad to have you, Jennifer!! Most of your fabulous tips really hit home with me. I so need to delegate more though. I have a lot of trouble with trying to conquer everything myself!! Your lay-out is absolutely precious. Congrats on the new little one!! :)

  4. Great Takes all! Thank you Jennifer for all the awesome tips!!

    1. I had FUN with this sketch! :)

    2. Edleen, your work is so beautiful- the LO you created for this Sketch makes me so proud!! It's really crisp and so perfect for the sketch!
      Enjoy it everyone!