Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Sylvia Galindo!

Today we're shining a spotlight on S:CY Design Team Member Sylvia Galindo, who hails from Copperas Cove, Texas, near Ft. Hood.  Sylvia enjoys where she lives, saying she's been there awhile and likes "the small town atmosphere."

This gal is one busy professional! As she tells it... "I work in Radiology. I work in 2 hospitals. I do CT scans Monday thru Friday. I also work in another Hospital about an hour away every other weekend. I do CT scans and x-rays there. I am also studying for my Quality Management registry."

S:CY Design Team Member
 Sylvia Galindo 
 As the hard-working Mom to a daughter who loves to dance, Sylvia  has a ready-made source of scrappy inspiration literally right at her fingertips. As she tells it: 'My daughter is my favorite subject to scrap. She really is the apple of my eye. She dances so beautifully so that I will always have another beautiful dress or pose to scrap."

In fact, one of Sylvia's Dance layouts featuring her daughter Irene was part of her application to the S:CY Design Team in March 2011. She joined us here in April.

"Beautiful Dancer" layout created by
then-S:CY DT Applicant
Sylvia Galindo
Sylvia  says she's not sure if she has a certain 'scrappin' style.' She told me that she feels that her pages reflect more of the subject in the layout. She also mused..."I do a lot of inking though. Maybe I have a shabby style?"

Sylvia calls herself a nighttime scrapper. "I am definitely a night-owl. The ideas and inspiration really seem to flow at that time. I can't scrap in the A.M. at all although sometimes I will just sit there and stare at my scrappy supplies or think about a picture that I may want to scrap later."

Sylvia loves to scrap but she also loves to read and watch favourite TY shows.
She told me that "When the mood strikes I have been known to crochet a blanket or two, and when Irene's dance season starts I'm taking her to dance conventions and competitions and making dance goodies for the team."

Like most of us,Sylvia is a gal with definite preferences. I asked her about some of these... and here are her answers!

Fave COLOUR of all time: "I like a dusty subdued pink the best."

"Irene" layout created by
 Sylvia Galindo
Fave EMBELLISHMENT Company: "Prima flowers are on a lot of my layouts."

"Fall Fun: Count your Blessings" layout created by
 Sylvia Galindo 
Fave CARDSTOCK company:  "I like the weight and texture of Bazzil's cardstock the most."

Current camera:"I have a Canon rebel DSR. I want to get a small point and shoot, though, that I can easily carry with me so I won't miss any photo ops".

There's no way of getting around it... like MANY of our S:CY Designers, Sylvia and her daughter Irene are animal lovers.  As Sylvia tells it... "We have 3 dogs and a bunny. A husky/shepherd mix name Boo. She is 9 1/2 years old. She is very vain and dainty and always likes to put her best foot forward. A rottweiler named Joker. He is also 9 years old. He loves loving. If you give him a little snuggle he starts prancing around like a puppy. A German Shepherd named Rocky. He's the baby at 7 months old. Believe it or not he actually tries to eat rocks. I am also trying to teach him German! Our bunny is a girl named Daisy. She's so soft and cute and we love it when she gives us little kisses."

"Lady" layout created by
Sylvia Galindo 
 Calling herself "the ultimate procrastinator," Sylvia loves deadlines because they help her get to work. "A close deadline really gets me into gear and I get busy." If a scrappin' ' rut decides to make an appearance in her creative life, Sylvia generally walks away from what is blocking her and "I move on to another project." She says that new pictures and paper help to inspire her.

"All Smiles" layout created by
 Sylvia Galindo
The amount of time Sylvia spends on a layout varies. "It depends on the layout. I've done 2 layouts in a single night and have had layouts take a week. I will stop in the middle of a layout and come back to it several times also if I'm not 'feeling' it" says this busy scrapper.

Sylvia absolutely loves to make mini albums and has a great storage tip to go along with them. She explains, "I love to have them themed ie. about a certain event or day. I love how I can open them and actually feel the paper and embellishments rather than inside a plastic sleeve. I like to make them super chunky and not necessarily contained by having embellishments coming off the page. I store them in the vintage looking empty hat boxes and cases I can get from Micheals." (Love your storage idea Sylvia!!! It's perfect!)

In terms of organization, Sylvia explained how she keeps order in her albums. First of all, like 'Yours Truly,' she likes a certain type of album. "I really love the We R Memories Keepers 3-ring binders. My layouts are really, really chunky and these are perfect. I can easily add and remove pages depending on how quickly I fill up the album. I won't lie, my post-bound albums looked ridiculous the way I had them stuffed full!"

Sylvia organizes her layouts by theme. "If I have a theme that encompasses more than one year then I go by year in the theme." Because of Irene's chosen activity is dance, Sylvia says "My daughter has a dance album for each season that she's been dancing. If I need more than one album for a season then I match the album color. If I have a variety of layouts that don't have a theme then I try to match the time frames the pictures are from."

I asked Sylvia how a person can pass on, or let go of, things she thinks she will no longer use. She replied "I'm not sure how a person can "let go" of scraps or stuff she knows she won't use. I'm still trying to figure that one out for myself! I always think if I get rid of something then I'll have a layout that will be missing that one thing to make it perfect. So yes, I have stacks of 'a little somethings' all over my scrap space."

Sylvia is very fortunate, because her daughter likes to scrapbook! "My daughter will scrapbook and make altered projects when the mood strikes her. She blows me away with the amazing things she comes up with. She's a true artist." Her daughter also understands her need to scrapbook! Says Sylvia, "Everyone else just looks at me like I'm crazy when I tell them it's my scrapbook time."
"True Beauty lies within" layout created by
S:CY Design Team Member Sylvia Galindo
using Sketch 06-11

Sketch 06-11 created by
  S:CY Team Leader Ali MacDonald
Sylvia is continuing to pursue her hobby and is fine with the probability that she will never be 'caught up.' As she says "I don't think anyone can ever be. Unless they stop taking photos. I don't mind never being caught up though. I have plenty of paper I am itching to use!"

Sylvia, I think we ought to form a club for scrappers with lotsa paper they're itchin'  to use up!  *wink* Thanks for allowing the S:CY Spotlight to shine on you today, and for showing us some more of your work... it's always so nice to learn a more about the members of our Design Team! 



  1. What a great spotlight! I loved learning more about Sylvia and seeing so many beautiful projects she made.

  2. Really ejioyed writing your Spotlight, Sylvia! Thx for th3e awesome projects you shared with us this week!

  3. **enjoyed** ... Oops! Bad typing as usual! LOL Sorry!

  4. Thanks for sharing your personal story with us, Sylvia. Not sure how you manage to find scrapping time, but so glad you do. It must be a pleasure, having your dd scrapping alongside of you, Your layouts are beautiful!Enjoy your spotlight.

  5. Sylvia, your LO's are gorgeous!!
    Love learning about you and your family!

  6. Sylvia, I don't know how you do it, when you work so hard. I really admire your beautiful pages and the care you put into making them.