Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Featured Designer: Lindy Rabenstine!

Today, the beam of our spotlight is placed on S:CY Design Team Member Lindy Rabenstine.

S:CY Design Team Member Lindy Rabenstine
and her little girl, Gracie
Lindy joined the Design eam here at S:CY in April 2011, and when asked to tell me a little bit about her style, jokingly replied "it would be called 'Lindy Style' ... I'm all over the place... I really don't have a style!" 

That said, Lindy definitely has an awareness of possessing a certain style, because she sent me the LO below, saying that she likes it because of the white space and simplicity of it, adding that "I normally don't do so LITTLE!"

"Deer Run" created by Lindy Rabenstine
[Lindy's notes about this camping trip: "It was HORRIBLE rain. We make all of our camping reservations at the beginning of the year. It just so happened when this was scheduled in September 2008... it was when Hurricane Hanna hit and came all the way up the coast... it rained the ENTIRE weekend; but we didn't care,  we still had fun."]
Lindy is inspired by several helpful things: "family, blogs, everyday life... (and) a good sketch or challenge." As a member of the Sisterhood of Scrap Forum, Lindy finds many of the inspirational challenges and sketches she craves at that friendly spot!!

New to blogging, Lindy has made it a routine to post links to some really wonderful challenges on her Blog, "Veni Vidi Scrappy"- for example, the Cool Colour challenge you can find right  HERE

One can see from her Blog that Lindy seems to have a knack for making cards, as evidenced by THIS sweet piece of card-making creativity featuring Echo Park patterned papers!! And... how  can we forget the card below card, created with Ann's recent card Sketch #3?  I love it!  

 "Sending my Love" card created by
 S:CY Design Team Member Lindy Rabenstine
[NOTE: created  for S:CY July 15th, 2011 Reveal using
Ann Seleshanko's Card Sketch #3]
A wife,  and Mom to a "very energetic" little girl,  Lindy told me that her fave subject to scrap was her family. In terms of the layout below, Lindy explains that this is a much loved LO of her daughter, Gracie.... as she says, "it is so much like her. She is always reading to her 'babies.' "

"Feeling a Little Dreamy" layout created by Lindy Rabenstine
Another favourite LO of Gracie includes a black and white portrait of her little girl:

"Innocence, Precious, Cherished " layout created by
 Lindy Rabenstine
Lindy  also shares her scrapbooking creativity with her extended family. For example, she recently created the LO below of her nephew Logan, using a photo from 1997. 
"Logan: '97" created by proud Aunt,  Lindy Rabenstine
In telling about this layout, Lindy said: "My nephew just turned 16. This is when he was two and the first photo I've ever scrapped of him. I just really like the way it turned out!"

Lindy's fave products include those created by Sassafras; SEI and Bo Bunny.
She is a crackerjack at being organized: her LOs are always sent in on time, and she is well ahead of deadlines with every one, whether card or LO. She told me that one of her organizational secrets is using "a binder that has tabs that I have organized by SOS, S:CY, Project 12, other misc challenges - things like that."

In terms of storage of her scrappy LOs, Lindy made me grin outright because I can SO relate to her every word on this issue! She says that she doesn't scrap chronologically, and like "Yours Truly," she prefers "the D Ring Binders by WRMK." She also reports that like many scrappers, she didn't come across these binders "until I had like four 12x12 boxes STUFFED with completed layouts... needless to say I now have 2 of those WRMK binders and 6 overstuffed boxes full of layouts!!"

Lindy's pastimes aside from scrappin’ include camping, reading, and going hiking or biking. Lindy says "mostly we camp locally in York/Lancaster County in PA. Most campgrounds we go to have hiking trails. Last summer we went to Blue Rock Campground and hiked Hawk Mountain and we had a BLAST. My daughter, who was 4 at the time so enjoyed it and wants to go back."

Lindy is also a proud sister to a US soldier, and her application LO for the DT here at S:CY was a LO that featured her soldier-brother, Chad. 

Lindy doesn't like to "cook" per se-- but she loves to bake. When I asked her about this, she said "I make a mean Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Icing all from scratch. It is always a HUGE request at family gatherings and my nephews, Dad, DH and DB's fight over it. LOL" She also told me about her fave food... "I LOVE seafood....and my DH makes me a FANTASTIC shrimp, crab and scallop pasta dish. Not sure how he does it and his sauce is always from scratch!"

"Dance Recital, Dec 2010" layout created by
  Lindy Rabenstine
The BEST scrappy-related “treat” or gift Lindy was ever given involved die- cutting. When I asked about this treat, she unhesitatingly replied that it was the "Big Shot Express my DH bought me for Christmas, was right after I started scrapping and it was a HUGE surprise!" As far as a 'scrappy space' goes, Lindy says that she has a scrap space at home but normally scraps over her lunch break at work, or takes a tiny table in the livingroom so that she can be with her DH and DD when she scraps.

"Fall Beauty" layout created by
 Lindy Rabenstine
Lindy "attends two different 12 hour crops each year and a weekend crop - so three a year... they are a BLAST. So much inspiration and ideas and tutorials. You always learn something new."  She usually attends the February Crop with her SILs but other than that says that she scraps "mostly by myself. Once in a blue moon when time permits my SIL's and I will get together to scrap... normally when the guys go hunting."

When I asked her how she felt about the concept of 'being caught up" with her scrappin', Lindy replied: "I will never be caught up; is anyone ever caught up?!"

And to this, I am sure MANY of us are mentally replying...."True Lindy! Too True!" LOL!

Thanks for allowing us to spotlight you this week,  it's been a pleasure to get to know you a wee bit better and to be able to hear the happy "voice" you bring to S:CY through your creations, Lindy!

 Lindy's Blog can be found HERE.



  1. What a wonderful spotlight! I loved seeing all the projects and learning a little more about Lindy!

  2. So great to get to know you better! Awesome layouts Lindy!!

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  4. What a pleasure it was getting to know you and your family!!!

  5. Love the picture of you & Gracie! Adorable!
    Sounds as if your a frequent scrapper in
    accordance to the number of layouts you have compiled! I am not familiar with the D ring binders and need to check them out.
    Your chocolate cake recipe sounds yummy.
    Enjoy your spotlight.