Friday, August 20, 2010

Sketch #45-10

Sketch #45-10
Sketch created by S:CY Team Leader Ali MacDonald

"Hydra... Paradise"
 Layout created by S:CY Senior Designer Ann Seleshanko

Ann writes: "Yes more Greece, I’m in love with all my pics!"
 [Ann, I think we are all enjoying these amazing vacation shots!]

"Welcome Ceremony-2009"
Layout created by S:CY Designer Terri-Ann Morris

"Cheerful Cousins"
Layout created by S:CY Designer Cathy Sanders

 Layout created by S:CY Designer Debbie Ridlen

"Li'l Flyboy"
Layout created by S:CY Designer Sherry Owens

 Sherry writes: "We took a trip to a local park, they have some cute pedal cars that have been retrofitted to carousel devices, airplanes suspended and "flown" in a circular pattern and cars that are dragged along like a slow circle-track race. I don't think J. knew exactly what to think but I think he had fun overall. I just love how he looks "all boy" here. These pix are from a year ago, and I was finally inspired by these sketches and this fantastic Little Yellow Bicycle - Zach's Life product to get them scrapped."

Thanks for stopping by S:CY everyone!

Thanks to Sherry, Ann, Debbie, Cathy and Terri-Ann for these beautiful interpretations! I feel like SUCH a proud Mama!


  1. Great layouts again... well done to the whole team

  2. Kudos to all of you! Great job!!

  3. They're all just beautiful! So proud of you ALL! Thanks for helping preserve and share all these special memories... :)

  4. Beautiful layouts from an amazing sketch! WTG Girls!!!

  5. beautiful all, I always love seeing the great pages done with the great sketch!

  6. Lovely creations yet again' great job everyone.

  7. Gorgeous sketch, and fabulous interpretations everybody!